What We Do

We apply crowdsourcin approach to revolutionize variety testing, by providing valid alternatives to the highly centralized, capital-dependent model currently in place. The benefits of low capital requirements and highly granluar data, coupled with a decentralized, flexible, and evolutive testing approach would ultimately contribute to more diversity in agricultural and food systems. Increased availability and use of diverse seed would create more diversity in agricultural landscapes contributing to “breeding ecosystems” that could evolve much quicker in face of climate change, boost local adaptation and performance, and bring resiliency and food sovereignty to local economics in an era of globalizing fragility, Farmers would be able to predict more acurately the ourcomes of thier actions, react quicker in the face of nature’s reoccuring challenges as patterns and changes will be captured, analyzed and communicated. And ultimately, the end user (shopper, baker chef, etc.), farmer and plant breeder will be directly connected as never before, creating a more democratic seed economy

The Seed Collective Intelligence PlatForm:
Disrupt, Empower, Grow