Who we are

We are a dedicated team that includes a gardener, farmer, seed breeder, and more that has a vision for a future founded on collaboration, shared data, and transparency. We believe that applying these tenants to agriculture will build a stronger market and more resilient agricultural ecosystem, benefiting people and the environment in the present, and for generations to come.

Leadership Team

Nico Enjalbert Fishing

Nicolas Enjalbert, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

Nicolas Enjalbert brings a broad vision and passion for what is possible in the seed industry founded on his years of private sector plant breeding in multinational seed companies in Europe and the United States. His expertise in data architecture, crop modeling, fundamental breeding techniques and participatory breeding strategies coupled with management and plant breeding program development find full expression in his continuing work and development of SeedLinked.

Dylan Bruce with pepper

Dylan Bruce
Co-Founder & Business Development Lead

Dylan Bruce has organic veggies in his bones: born and raised in southwest Wisconsin on an organic CSA farm. Dylan left the farm for Chicago and then Los Angeles, working his way through the food system. After graduating, Dylan was drawn back to Wisconsin by promises of good food, tangible seasons, friendly neighbors, and plentiful cheese. Since moving back Dylan has worked at the UW-Madison Organic and Sustainable Research and Extension lab managing vegetable trials. Finally, his heart called him back to the home farm, and with the help of good friends, Circadian Organics was born. Through his management experience in one of the largest national vegetable variety trialling programs, and commercial vegetable and seed production, Dylan has witnessed firsthand the need for an accessible and intuitive tool for varietal choice – he is excited to be a part of the SeedLinked team to bring that solution to fruition.

Bjorn Bergman with Watermelon

Bjorn Bergman
Co-Founder & Marketing Lead

Bjorn Bergman has years of experience as an event planner, outreach coordinator, and marketing specialist in the local and organic food industry. He is also an avid home gardener and loves seeds. His favorite crops to grow are head lettuce and dry beans and he loves to share his enthusiasm for both with any eager grower. Beyond the garden, Bjorn dabbles in a little bit of this and that including mountain biking, juggling, spoon carving, cidermaking, birdwatching, and getting his adorable son Ardea to smile. Bjorn has a B.S. in Environmental Science Biology from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.