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For Breeders & Product Managers

Grower feedback and variety trial data is key. Whether you’re a product manager at a large seed company with thousands of products marketed around the globe, or a small independent seed company or breeder focused on heirlooms of a particular region – you need to know how your products perform for real growers.  

SeedLinked Collaborative Variety Trials make it possible to test varieties with hundreds of growers across geography with ease. Imagine connecting the data of 10,000 growers directly to your breeding and product commercialization pipelines. At SeedLinked, we’ve built a platform and framework to streamline your variety trials and breeding programs, while simultaneously scaling your trials to more sites than previously possible.

We’ve helped institutions and seed companies run over 580 trials with 49K plots at 5,500 grower sites across North America. Our collaborative variety trials have characterized over 1,400 vegetable varieties across 40+ crops for both agronomic and flavor traits.

Grower participating in a collaborative variety trial on SeedLinked
Grower participating in a collaborative variety trial on SeedLinked

Increasingly diverse and complex agricultural systems responding to changing climates and consumer preferences will require highly specific adaptation to maximize production potential, as opposed to the former paradigm of broad adaptation. That means more SKUs, and more inventory and marketing risk. At SeedLinked our goal is to help growers make better production decisions while helping breeders and seed companies improve their market intelligence and the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of their trialing programs by leveraging large-scale grower networks.  

SeedLinked Trialing Services for Breeders & Product Managers:  

  1. Add Your Variety(s) to SeedLinked Run Collaborative Variety Trial –  Each year we run a handful of trials with our network of growers for new and up-and-coming crops and market classes. When you participate, your variety is tested by hundreds of growers across a diverse geography. SeedLinked chooses traits, other varieties, and testing locations. You receive trial data, comments, and images submitted by growers. This is a great option to expose soon-to-be-released varieties to growers, which can fuel faster adoption.
  1. Have SeedLinked Manage Your Collaborative Variety Trials – You set the varieties; number, region, and type of growers; select traits; and we run the trial for you. We return all trial data, comments, and images. This option is perfect earlier in the breeding pipeline to determine which varieties are most suitable for commercialization. 
  1. SeedLinked Collaborative Trial Manager Software Subscription – Gain access to our innovative trial management software and discover the power of SeedLinked Collaborative Variety Trials. Great for larger organizations and universities/NPOs that have staff to manage trials. 

By using SeedLinked, you can have a powerful idea of how your products perform for real farmers and gardeners, including deep insight into how performance differs between regions. SeedLinked gives you the confidence, data, and testimonials to launch your product with faster adoption.

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