Run variety trials on SeedLinked

Run Variety Trials on SeedLinked

SeedLinked Collaborative Variety Trial Services is an affordable way to reduce costs in your trialing program while drastically improving the geographic granularity of data. Our variety testing methods have tight correlations to standard research station trials and offer better year-over-year and on-farm reliability. At the same time, they come in at a lower cost and have the added benefit of increasing grower awareness of your products.   

From university and extension variety trials, to early-stage collaborative breeding projects, to products at the end of the breeding pipeline facing their final tests and getting ready for launch, SeedLinked has powerful tools to incorporate into your trialing program.  

Collaborative Variety Trials are Better

Collaborative variety trials are a true test of real-world performance. The data generated by trial participants correlates strongly with research station data from traditional replicated trials, but is more predictive of actual farm and garden performance. In addition, these trials capture so many sites, which means that results are less prone to environmental variability and thus more predictive year-over-year. It’s also the perfect option to generate data for powerful genotype x environment x management (GEM) assessments.  

Not only is our trial model incredibly powerful, but it also helps boost adoption. Growers want two things to adopt new products: data to back up claims, and social proof. Our platform offers both, which is why varieties that have gone through collaborative variety trials have up to 68% higher adoption rates. The powerful data from these trials are able to differentiate performance by hardiness zone and zip code, and grower ratings, comments, and interactions to offer social proof.  

If all that wasn’t enough, our services and software make collaborative variety trialing up to 12x cheaper than traditionally replicated, research station trials. You can do more with your trialing budget with more powerful data at lower cost.  

SeedLinked Collaborative Variety Trial Benefits

Increase variety trial data return rates by 50% while doubling the number of participants
Minimize collaborative variety trial logistics and expand testing geography at a minimum cost
Involve our network of growers (~5,500 in North America, ~4,000 adding in European Union)
Simplified, real-time data collection, aggregation, analysis, and sharing
Boost product adoption by engaging more farmers and gardners in trials
SeedLinked Grower Network - Gardeners, Farmers, and Trial Managers that participate in SeedLinked trials.
SeedLinked Grower Network in North America – Fall 2022

SeedLinked Collaborative Variety Trial Manager Software Features

Multiple innovative collaborative variety trial types
Easily facilitate hundreds of trial participants across geography 
Communication – invite participants, send reminders for reviews, connection to Community Feed where trial participants can ask questions 
Multiple Languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Browser-Based Software – no need to download onto your computer 
Android and iPhone/iPad Apps – makes collecting data in the field a breeze
Offline Mode – collect data when there is no service and sync when service is available 
Analytics – immediate and powerful analytics that are easy to share 
Export Data – anytime as an excel or CSV file
Researchers organizing collaborative variety trials on SeedLinked Trial Software
It’s easy to organize collaborative variety trials with SeedLinked Trial Software

We’ve helped institutions and seed companies run over 580 collaborative variety trials with 49K plots at 5,500 grower sites across North America since we launched our variety trialing software in 2018. Our trials have helped characterize over 1,400 vegetable varieties across 40+ crops for both agronomic and flavor traits. By feeding grower-generated performance data into product commercialization pipelines pre-launch, we can speed up time to market, reduce trialing program costs, and improve the year-over-year and on-farm reliability of trial data.

“SeedLinked made a dramatic difference in our ability to facilitate on-farm trials across a broader geographic region, efficiently capture farmers’ observations, and provide useful and timely trial results to our constituents. It has drastically cut down on the amount of time our research team spends on data collection, analysis, and dissemination of results, while also improving the quality of results and outreach we are able to offer.”

-Alex Lyon, CANOVI Variety Trial Network Coordinator, University of British Columbia

“SeedLinked has enabled us to unleash the potential of our ADAPT Community Science Program by transforming the way we collect, share, and use information.”

-Steffen Mirsky, Evaluation and Trials Manager at Seed Savers Exchange

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