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Thanks for your interest in SeedLinked! We love working with journalists from around the world to share our story. For press/media requests, please reach out to us using our Contact Us form or email us at info@seedlinked.com

SeedLinked Overview

SeedLinked has a vision of a seed system informed by a vibrant community of growers acting as community scientists. Our mission is to enable data flow and feedback loops between plant breeders, seed companies, and growers. We want to make seed decisions, record keeping, knowledge sharing, and purchases more enriching and accessible. From the novice gardener and smallest seed company to expert commercial farmers and multinational plant breeding companies, SeedLinked envisions a future that is collaborative, transparent, and responsive.

That’s why we’ve built SeedLinked with three pillars:   

  • Variety trialing and tracking software: with our web and mobile apps growers can track their own plantings or participate in collaborative variety trials. Plant breeders, seed companies, and universities can organize collaborative variety trials using SeedLinked Trial Management Software or participating in collaborative variety trials organized by SeedLinked.
  • Community Feed: growers, trial managers, and seed companies can communicate with each other, sharing updates, questions, and recommendations while building community around seed! 
  • Seed Marketplace: we want to bring the seed purchasing experience into the 21st century, and make it accessible for growers to access quality seed from ethical companies. Our seed marketplace is backed by crowdsourced data from collaborative variety trials and independent tracking, and enriched by the comments and communication from the Community Feed. For the first time growers can access seed from over a dozen companies in one place and growers can find the best varieties for their environment based on access to crowdsourced performance reviews. 

SeedLinked is a Benefit Corporation with a triple bottom line dedicated to improving grower success, enabling resilient seed systems, and increasing agrobiodiversity by speeding up the commercialization and adoption of diverse specialty crops.

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What is SeedLinked? Explainer Video

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