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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about SeedLinked? Look no further than this page. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us! We’re happy to help.

I am a gardener/farmer. How can I get involved in SeedLinked?

Thanks for visiting! Here are some ways you can get involved! 
1.) Search for and purchase seeds on the SeedLinked Marketplace 
2.) Sign Up for our Newsletter 
3.) Create a FREE SeedLinked account 
4.) Sign up to be part of collaborative variety trials on SeedLinked
5.) Download our free App (Android or iPhone/iPad)
6.) Tell your gardener/farmer friends about SeedLinked!

I am part of a collaborative variety trial on SeedLinked and need help! Who should I talk to?

1.) Check out our YouTube Tutorials that cover the basics of participating in a collaborative variety trial on SeedLinked.
2.) Reach out to the individual that is the trial manager for your trial. They are the one who invited you to the trial. You can find their email by logging into your SeedLinked account online and going to the ‘Track’ tab. Click on the gear on the right side of the trial in question and click on ‘Description.’ The trial organizer and their email is listed on the top right side of the description pop-up. See the image below.
3.) Post a question on the Community Feed for the trial! The trial manager and other trial participants typically respond quickly.  
4.) If the first two options don’t yield results, reach out to SeedLinked at and we will do our best to assist you! 

How to find the email contact for my trial organizer

I want to learn more about running collaborative variety trials on SeedLinked. Where can I learn more?

Visit this page to learn more about running collaborative variety trials on SeedLinked. If you have any questions and want to learn more, setup a discovery call with us.

Where do your reviews come from? How do I know that I can trust them?

The vast majority of our reviews come from collaborative variety trials run using SeedLinked’s trial management software. The trials are organized by universities, nonprofits, seed companies, breeders, and SeedLinked. Farmers and gardeners participate in these trials by growing the varieties on their farms or in their gardens and submit their reviews on SeedLinked. We currently have over 5,500 growers on SeedLinked many of whom have submitted reviews on our platform. SeedLinked relies on a ‘wisdom-of-the-crowds’ principle, and our methodology is well-established in scientific literature to be more powerful for gathering grower input, speeding up breeding cycles, and creating prescriptive planting recommendations. To learn more about our scientific method, visit this page.

How do I sell my seeds on SeedLinked Marketplace?

Visit this page to learn more about selling your seeds on SeedLinked. Reach out to us and we can get the conversation started about adding your seed company’s listings to SeedLinked Marketplace.

Who owns SeedLinked?

SeedLinked is owned and run by a dedicated team that includes a gardener, farmer, seed breeder, and more. We have a vision for a future founded on collaboration, shared data, and transparency. Applying these tenants to agriculture will build a stronger market and more resilient agricultural ecosystem, benefiting people and the environment in the present, and for generations to come. Learn more about us here.

What is your Shipping & Return Policy for your Marketplace?

Check out our Shipping & Return Policy Page.

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