2023 SeedLinked Cherry Tomato Trial

The 2023 SeedLinked Cherry Tomato Trial features 14 new varieties from some of the industry’s most innovative breeders, such as Panam Seeds, N&N, Seed Savers Exchange and Wild Mountain Seeds. From picture-perfect reds to striped or anthocyanin-blushed cherry tomatoes, participants received a subset of 3 unique varieties to compare.Growers were  asked to plant at least 3 plants per variety in the same setting. The plant breeders have a special interest in comparing open field/garden and hoop house/caterpillar tunnel environments,This trial is only open to US growers.

2023 SeedLinked Colored Bell Pepper Trial

This trial focuses on sweet bell peppers that can reliably ripen to full yellow, orange, or red color. Join the hunt for the most flavorful, productive, disease resistant, uniform, and reliable colored bell pepper varieties. Growers received a subset of three varieties. Participants are asked to plant at least 3 plants of each variety. Breeders are particularly interested in comparing open air/outdoor production with protected culture settings such as caterpillar tunnels and greenhouses. Plant in protected culture if you can, This trial is only from US growers.

2023 SeedLinked summer green lettuce trial

Nothing beats a crisp and refreshing salad on a summer day, but growing lettuce during the heat of summer is always a challenge. See how tried-and-true varieties stack up against newcomers for production during summer. This trial included a mix of green Batavia and Romaine lettuce. Growers received a subset of 3 varieties, and are asked to plant at least 10 individuals of each variety in the same conditions, either by transplanting or by overseeding and thinning to 10 plants at standard head lettuce spacing (or 12″). Trial were planted the last spring or summer planting, or by July 10th.

2023 SeedLinked Specialty Moschata Trial – Comparing Tillage

Winter squash varieties have been anecdotally reported to perform very differently in full vs reduced tillage systems. In this trial we are testing 10 specialty moschata types, from exciting new releases to underappreciated heirlooms. This trial includes Autumn Frost, Long Island Cheese, Black Futsu, Autumn Crown, Cheese Culinary Pumpkin, Seminole, Doran Round, and Gouda Winter Squash varieties (all either untreated or certified organic). Everyone loves butternut

2022 SeedLinked Slicer Tomato Trial Results

In 2022, SeedLinked organized a slicer tomato collaborative variety trial with the goal of having farmers and gardeners across North America grow well-known varieties side-by-side with newly released hybrid and open-pollinated varieties and rate them for a variety of traits on the SeedLinked platform. At the end of the season, we wanted to freely share the results of our variety trial on our Seed Marketplace and in this blog with growers, seed companies, and anyone else who is interested.