2021 SeedLinked Collaborative Trial Results

In 2021, SeedLinked organized and hosted three collaborative trials for three different crops – indeterminate paste tomatoes, fresh market bush green beans, and jalapenos. The goal of each trial was to grow well-known varieties side-by-side with newly released hybrid and open-pollinated varieties and freely share the results on our Seed Search and in this blog with growers, seed companies, and anyone else who is interested.

Digging into SeedLinked Variety Trial Results

Alright! You’ve finished entering reviews, adding photos, comments, and have completed your collaborative variety trial. Now you’re done being on SeedLinked until the next growing season. Not so quick! There are many benefits of staying engaged on SeedLinked. The primary reason is access to trial results to help better inform your seed choices for the next growing season.

Getting Started on the SeedLinked Community Feed

Hooray! The SeedLinked Community Feed is now live on our web platform and mobile apps (Apple Store and Google Play). We invite you to login and make a post today! This brand new SeedLinked feature is a culmination of years of work to help connect the dots between the Seed Explorer and Track tab on our platform.

Dates: How to Add to a Trial or Planting and Why they Matter

For every trial and planting you review on SeedLinked, we ask you to add four distinct types of dates: planting date, transplant date (if applicable), first harvest date, and last harvest date. You may find yourself saying, “That is a lot of dates! Why are there so many? And why are adding them to trials and plantings useful?”

Find out why and check out our tutorial on how to add dates to any trial or planting on the web platform or mobile app.

Add a Check Variety to a Trial or Planting

Have you ever wanted to add your favorite variety to a tomato trial you’re part of? You are in luck! You can now add a check variety to any trial or planting you are involved in on SeedLinked.

Check out this tutorial that takes you through the process on the SeedLinked web-based platform and the app.