Getting Started on the SeedLinked Community Feed

The SeedLinked Team
1.5 minute read

Hooray! The SeedLinked Community Feed is now live on our web platform and mobile apps (Apple Store and Google Play). We invite you to login and make a post today! This brand new SeedLinked feature is a culmination of years of work to help connect the dots between the Seed Explorer and Track tab on our platform.

On the Community Feed you can:

How you can participate in the Community Feed!

Since the creation of the SeedLinked platform, we have envisioned adding the Community Feed to create a space for open discussion among gardeners and farmers to ask questions, share updates, make recommendations, and post photos. To begin with, each collaborative trial that you are part of on SeedLinked will have a feed where you can interact and learn from other trial participants. We invite you to be part of the conversation! 

How to make a Community Feed Post on the SeedLinked App (iOS).

Want a video tutorial of how to get started with the Community Feed before you dive in? We have you covered! Check out the walkthrough tutorial below.

Thanks for learning all about the SeedLinked Community Feed! We encourage you to login, make a post, share photos, and like/comment on other people’s posts. When you participate in the feed, you are helping build community on SeedLinked!

With any new feature, we always expect a few issues here and there. If you find an issue with the Community Feed, please share it with us at We would love to hear from you!

Happy posting and growing!

Published 8/13/21