Become a citizen scientist in your garden with our Seed Collection Experience!
Our guided trialing experiences help you grow a garden full of flavor with support from experts and an online community. With your participation we are building valuable regional seed knowledge for a more resilient future.​

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Make better seed choices

Explore new seed horizons. Find a replacement or something completely new without wasting time or getting lost in the weeds. Search and compare across many seed companies by crop, trait, or regional performance, and try new varieties with lower risk.

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Gain valuable insights with on-the-go tracking

Keep track of your seed performance to learn what works best for you. Track your own plantings or participate in collaborative trials and connect your insights with others. Together we’re bringing transparency to seed performance as we shape our seed stories.​

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Get the power of a connected growing community​

Discover the power of a connected growing community. Post your garden activities, ask questions, comment on friends’ garden feeds, stay up-to-date on new varieties, and get insight on planting, harvest, and crop care. This is crowdsourcing at its most delicious.