Jared is OSA’s research and education assistant director. He has worked in the organic seed industry for over 15 years, managing seed production at two farms and conducting research and education projects with OSA. He currently manages OSA’s regional development in California, conducts participatory breeding projects and variety trials, and teaches farmers about seed production and plant breeding at workshops, conferences, and field days.


Informatics analyst with 10+ years’ experience building, running and interpreting cognitive neuroscience and microbial ecology experiments with both frequentist and Bayesian statistical approaches using modern development techniques.

Head of Marketing & communication; end user business development lead

Bjorn is passionate about working and volunteering for organizations that are striving to make the world a better place. His main interests focus on sustainable food systems, sustainable farming and gardening, seed saving/production and teaching others DIY skills. He has years of experience as an event planner, outreach coordinator, and marketing specialist in the local and organic food industry. Bjorn is an avid home gardener and seed saver and hopes to continue to help grow the good food movement by connecting eaters to the farmer that grew their meal and farmers/gardeners to the grower/breeder that produced their seed.

Head of breeding network; Seed Partner Business Development Lead

Dylan has organic veggies in his bones: born and raised in southwest Wisconsin on an organic CSA farm. Dylan left the farm for Chicago and then Los Angeles, working his way through the food system. After graduating, Dylan was drawn back to Wisconsin by promises of good food, tangible seasons, friendly neighbors, and plentiful cheese. Since moving back Dylan has been working at the UW-Madison Organic and Sustainable Research and Extension lab managing vegetable trials. Finally, his heart called him back to the home farm, and with the help of good friends, Circadian Organics was born. Through his management experience in one of the largest national vegetable variety trialling programs, and commercial vegetable and seed production, Dylan has witnessed firsthand the need for an accessible and intuitive tool for varietal choice – he is excited to be a part of the SeedLinked team to bring that solution to fruition.

Philip Kauth is the interim seed bank manager at Seed Savers Exchange a nonprofit whose mission is to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. As seed bank manager Philip is head of the Preservation Department charged with maintaining the vast collection of over 25,000 open-pollinated varieties. Philip joined Seed Savers Exchange in 2013 as the tissue culture lab manager and was assistant curator in charge of the evaluation program. Philip has a MS and PhD in horticultural sciences from the University of Florida.

Co Founder, Board of Director

Dave Kruse has started and worked with companies across many different industries including technology (big data, predictive analytics, Internet of Things, security), medical devices, real estate and beverages. He likes connecting with and helping companies grow.

In his spare time, Dave likes to hang out with friends and family, read. And he cannot believe that we are on a large rock flying through outer space.

Co Founder, Technology Partner

Sajan is a technology professional with over 20 years of industry experience. As a consummate programmer, analyst and project manager he understands the software development life cycle and the challenges of designing, developing and rolling out a well written piece of software.

As a consultant he has helped clients refine their software development processes and has helped them identify, hire and retain technology professionals.

Co Founder, Communications and Marketing

Gail grew up deeply rooted to the natural world, and has carried those lessons into her life’s work of enriching lives through connections. Gail melds her education in soil science and organic agriculture with her passion for people and regenerative process, with work ranging from land-based therapeutic and educational program development to organic certification. She seeks to make positive change in the world through innovative solutions to everyday problems, and building bridges between people and their organizations. Her work at Seedlinked continues to express her commitment to the endless rejuvenation process of connecting people in all walks of life to each other and the cycles of nature that surround us – from seed to seed. What an abundance of lessons we have to learn from this relationship!

Jerry is a Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. He manages the Colorado State University Crop Testing Program and is an expert in Genotype x Environment interaction and applied statistics for crop improvement.

Co founder and CEO

Nicolas brings a broad vision and passion for what is possible in the seed industry founded in his years of private sector plant breeding in multinational seed companies in Europe and the United States. His expertise in data architecture, crop modeling, fundamental breeding techniques and participatory breeding strategies coupled with management and plant breeding program development find full expression in his continuing work and development of SeedLinked.